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Table Talk » Playing with food

I wanted to do something fun with food as April Fools' Day treat for my April 1st client. My searches for April Fools' Day food came up with some pretty gross stuff, like kitty litter cake. Gack, just looking at a picture of kitty litter cakes makes me feel ill. Just when I was about to give up, Google led me to sweet sushi from the Brownie Points blog. Hey, I can do that. And more importantly, it uses real food and I can make it gluten-free and dairy-free, which my April 1 client requires.


The recipe starts with rice krispy treats. OK, that's butter, marshmallows, and crisped rice cereal. Or in my case Earth Balance Buttery Sticks, Kraft mini marshmallows, and Erewhon Rice Twice cereal. I'm sure I made rice krispy treats with my mom when I was a kid, but I've only made them once as an adult and I didn't have fun. The mixture was like boiling hot cement. So I really wasn't looking forward to the rice krispy treat part of this recipe. But, it surprised me. I don't know if the ingredient ratio was different from my last attempt, but these were easy to mix and handle. It probably helped that I used a huge pot (6 qt). The recipe on the Brownie Points blog calls for using a 1" round cookie cutter to cut the rice krispy treasts. I used to have a small round biscuit cutter, but I never used it so it went to Goodwill last summer. I thought I could simply use a 1" cardboard circle as a template to cut the cylinders, but that didn't work. The still warm mixture didn't hold its shape when cut this way. Ugh, what to do. Hey, can I roll the mixture into long cylinders and cut them into small segments? Yes! That worked. The still warm mixture was easy to roll into cylinders. I coated my hands with the Earth Balance to do this step. If I ever make this again, I'll buy a 1" round cutter because it would have been faster and my rice krispy rolls had smooth tops from being sliced. Ideally, you want the bumpy rice krispy top. More about that later.

I really wish I had more pictures of the entire process. I had to work quickly and didn't have time to stop for many photos.

Here are my rice krispy rolls.


Next up, dipping the rolls in chocolate. The Brownie Points recipe has you add green and black food coloring to the chocolate to mimic the color of the nori. But there was no way that I was going to add food coloring to my beautiful 72% dark chocolate. After dipping the rolls, I popped them in the fridge to set up.

How do I dip them? Well, my method is not elegant, but it works. It involves toothpicks and a fork. The fork's job is to be a spatula. Stab what will be the top of the roll with a toothpick. Dip bottom and sides of roll in chocolate. Let excess drip off. Hold the dipped roll so it looks like a lollipop (toothpick held between thumb and index finger, dipped roll pointing straight up. Hold it with your nondominant hand. With the fork in your dominant hand, place the fork under the undipped part of the roll. Roll is now sitting on fork, toothpick is between tines of fork. Pull toothpick out off roll. Use fork as spatula and place on wax paper covered rack or baking sheet. This is where I should have pulled out the mini video camera. But I was elbow deep in chocolate before I thought of that.

The next step is dipping the tops in white chocolate and topping each with a dried papaya square. The papaya needs to be cut up and ready to go when you start dipping because the melted chocolate is the glue that makes the papaya stay in place. So cut up your papaya squares as your white chocolate is melting. Since I sliced rolls of rice krispy treat mixture into cylinders rather than cutting them out with a cookie cutter, my pieces were totally flat. I think they would look better if they had some of the bumpy texture of the rice cereal. Next time! I didn't want to handle the chocolate covered rolls, so I stabbed the bottom of each roll with a toothpick and used the toothpick to dip the top of the roll in the white chocolate. I pulled the roll off the toothpick, set it on a wax paper covered rack, and plunked the papaya on top.

Here are the dark chocolate dipped rolls waiting to get dipped in the white chocolate.


And the finished sushi!


This was a fun project. A little messy, but so what. And my client loved them.

Posted April 1, 2009 8:47 PM in Gluten-Free, Miscellaneous

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Robin said… (on April 7, 2009 at 13:35 PM #)

There are lots of "fake" foods and fun food ideas on the Family Fun website. It is also a good source for project ideas for scouts and family activities.


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